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my earliest party memory

I'm 8 years-old. We had just moved across the country, so to meet new kids, I convinced my mom to let me throw a circus party. I knew exactly how it should feel and look. My sisters and I made paper ticket invitations on red construction paper and notched the ends to look real. We used canning jar lids to make a ring toss and a (now dangerous in hindsight) hammer throwing strong man game. We baked cupcakes for a cake walk and served popcorn and peanuts out of paper lunch bags. But the thing that would make the party I knew was just beyond my grasp. It was 1985, pre-Pinterest, pre-Amy Atlas dessert table, pre-internet and Spotify. I begged my mom to take me public library, where a kind librarian put a name to the final ingredient. “Oh! You’re talking about ‘calliope music’!” he said, while I hummed my best pipe organ. We leafed through the stacks of vinyl records until we found one called “Under the Big Top.” I very proudly carried the record home, where it spun on our Fisher-Price turntable the entire party. 


That was only the beginning of a lifelong love affair with celebrations. Ever since I watched the scene in “The Parent Trap” where the twins recreate their parents’ first dinner at an Italian restaurant, I’ve been obsessed with creating a mood. It is my greatest privilege to turn YOUR celebration with family and friends into something unforgettable.


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what people are saying

"My four year-old was actually eating your food!" — Emily R.

"Loved it. Totally awesome."
Mary Anne H.

"Whitney is just magical."
Garrett C.

"I couldn't believe how much fun I had."You, after you hire us