Hiring a caterer for the first time can be overwhelming…we get it! What’s included in the proposal? Do I have to provide my own paper plates? What about rentals? I’d rather not ask my friends to help restock platters, do you have someone for that? How much is this all going to cost me?

At Whitney Fredin Events, our only goal is for you to relax and enjoy your guests. We will handle anything remotely stressful…our flexible service options are designed to create a memorable event, especially for you.


i’m in charge of planning…(insert type of party)…how does this work? how do I hire you?

Yay! So glad you found us…we gotchu! We invite you to peruse our menus, scroll the website, and check out our Instagram to whet your appetite for the possibilities. Once you have an idea of guest count, date, venue, and budget, fill out our contact form and we will get in touch with you. We can talk on the phone or we can meet at our kitchen on Emerald and Maple Grove and discuss details. At our complimentary consultation, we will decide if we need to visit the venue. You will leave our consultation with a clear idea of what we can take off your plate (and what we will put on yours!). Next, we will email you a pretty proposal and you can save your date with a 50% deposit. We love Venmo (@whitneyfredin), cash, check, and card (3% fee applies). Then you get to fuhgeddaboudit until your final guest count and balance is due, two weeks before your event. You put out some new potpourri, we show up, and bahdahbing bahdahboom, next thing you know, it’s midnight and everyone’s doing the Macarena.

do you provide Disposables?

Yes! We offer several types of disposables and compostables. Our most popular option is Bagasse (sugarcane), which feels like a heavy-duty paper plate. Classy and natural, bagasse is recyclable and pairs with a variety of decor styles. We also offer compostable banana leaf plates, which are eco-friendly and beautiful. We can provide eco-friendly cutlery, napkins, and cups. Our most economical disposables package includes square bagasse plates, heavy duty plastic cutlery, white paper (absorbent!) napkins, and clear plastic cups. Ask us about custom napkins, paper boats, and other creative serving ideas.

Do you handle Rentals? can i rent linens from you?

We are happy to coordinate rentals for you at market prices. While we don’t have the space to stock twenty colors of tablecloths in every size and hundreds of sets of silverware, we partner with good friends in the industry who do. The best vendor team ensures your event goes off without a hitch. Let us handle the heavy lifting while you focus on your dance moves.

i would rather my guests enjoy the party than work it. do you have servers?

Many clients say our servers are the best part of hiring a caterer. We bring smiling, helpful people who have experience providing the highest level of service. From setup to takedown and every platter refill in between, our familiarity working as an orchestrated team allows you to focus on what matters most without inconveniencing your friends and family. Since we exist to make you look good, we are sensitive to our professionalism and presentation. We will be dressed in white shirts and black pants, with our signature “Food is Art” apron. We are happy to come in clown costumes if the party requires it.

i’m terrible at decor—will you make my table look pretty or do i have to do that?

Pretty is what we do. We have curated a beautiful selection of boards and platters, bowls, levels, dispensers, and signage to create a tablescape that sets the party’s tone before guests even start to eat. When you book a delivery with setup, or full-service catering with waitstaff, we bring the decor and serveware to create a beautifully functional spread. During your consultation, we will ask for inspiration images or an invite to your Pinterest board to get the full vision of your style. We are constantly updating our inventory of new and vintage pieces that will complement your perfect buffet table.

what about gratuity? what does your service charge include?

We charge an 18% event production fee to cover everything that the food cost doesn’t. Speaking in general terms, the service charge covers the caterer’s labor and administrative costs. “The cost of doing business” is another way to think of it. This fee goes to things like dishwashing, facility maintenance, packing for the event, travel time to and from the event, equipment to keep your food hot or cold, utilities, insurance, venue permits, walk-throughs, floorplans, time spent planning with you, time spent designing signage and coordinating with other vendors, insurance, advertising, admin staff, truck maintenance, fuel to get to events, etc.

Gratuity is NOT included in the service charge. Like your favorite hairdresser, gratuities are not expected, but I will say a 10-20% gratuity for a job well-done is quite customary. You may pay a gratuity directly to the catering manager at your event who will oversee its division among servers. You may also add a gratuity to your final bill and it will be distributed as you see fit. Plus, it’s just good karma.